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The Higher Secondary Programme

Classes XI - XII


The objective in the Higher Secondary is to offer students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their individual interests, abilities and future plans within the national curriculum framework. The students are guided to choose subjects based on their interests and future plans, be it Commerce, Science, Arts, with the respective elective subjects. Intensive coaching is provided for the students for the board exams. Combined with the curricular programme, a number of opportunities are given to the children to prepare for the competitive examinations.

The experiences provided in the classroom through the Litera Octave Approach prepare the children to face the challenges of the world outside the portals of the school .A good vocational guidance programme is in place to help the child identify his interest and make an informed career choice.

Our well-designed laboratories follow all international norms, which in turn enable the students to explore and dazzle their world with new discoveries.

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